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School Supplies

The School will provide

  • All necessary text books and exercise books. Pupils who damage or lose text books or library books will be expected to pay for such loss or damage. A report may be withheld until payment is made.

Student are required to provide

  • Pencils, pens, rulers, erasers, pencil sharpners, crayons, glue etc
  • Mathematical instruments and Dictionaries.
  • Books covers: for durability books should be covered using both paper and plastic covers.

Here is the recommended stationery lists for all grades:

Grade Zero Zero and Grade Zero
  -    thick wax crayons only
2 big (fat) stick glue
1-   ring binder file
1-   pair of scissors
1-   puzzle (age 4-7). 24 pieces or less preferably the puzzle in a box.
1-   story book (age 4-7)
3´3 sided pencils
2x  good qaulity plastic cover and sellotape enough for all books

Grade one
-     pencils good quality + 3 sided 
2-   rubber
1-   good qaulity sharpner
1-   puzzle (24 pieces or less age 5-7)
story book (age 5-7) as a
contribution to the school
-    thick wax crayons only, not   
thin ones
-   ring binder file (for classwork  
and for homework)
1- pair of scissors
-   good quality plastic cover enough for all books     
-  sellotape
1- big stick glue

Grade two

  • Good quality pencils
  • Rubber
  • Sharpner (good quality)
  • Long ruller
  • Puzzle
  • Wax crayons(no pencils or Kokis)
  • Ring binder file
  • Pair of scissors
  • Good quality plastic cover enough  for  all book
  • Sellotape
  • Big (fat) stick glue

Grade three
Eneough good quality pencils
2  -  rubbers
1 -  good quality sharpener
2 -  long ruler
1 - box crayons
1 - ring binder files
1 - pair of scissors
1 - big (fat) stick glue
good quality plastic cover and     sellotape
to cover exercise and text
Grade four and five
Enough good quality pencils
1   - rubber
1   - sharpner (good quality)
1   - long ruler
1   - oxford advance learners dictionary
1   - oxford Maths set (good quality)
1   - sellotape
1   -   crayons
1   - ring binder file
1   - pair of scissors
1   - big (fat) stick glue
1   - good news bible
good quality plastic cover and sellotape

Grade six and seven

  • Good quality pencils
  • Rubber
  • Blue pens
  • Long ruler (30 cm)
  • Good quality sharpener
  • Coloured pencils (crayons)
  • Good news bible
  • Advanced learners oxford dictonary
  • Pair of scisssors
  • Big (fat) stick glue
  • Hard lever file
  • Maths instrumens good (quality) plastic cover enough for all books
  • 20 page flip file
  • Good quality plastic cover
  • Sellotape

Nb: French learners must have a French dictionary. You may purchase it from school.
All exercise books and text books must be covered with quality plastic cover.  Thank you.

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